Harper Gerlach advises employers on compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (the Wage Hour law or FLSA), FloridaÍs Child Labor Laws, the New Florida Minimum Wage Law, the Service Contract Act, the Davis-Bacon Act and the Portal-to-Portal Act.

We assist employers with implementing policies that cover :
creating, revising, and auditing wage and overtime policies;
the proper classification of exempt, nonexempt and independent      contract workers;
structuring commissions, bonuses, incentive payments and other compensation programs; and,
reviewing overtime pay calculations.

We have successfully represented both employees and employers where groups of employees have made claims for unpaid overtime and loss of overtime exemption.

In recent years, Florida has seen a tremendous increase in collective actions brought under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Our experience includes time clock violations, unpaid overtime, recordkeeping violations, compliance with various exemptions under the FLSA, preliminary and post-liminary work issues, and time clock procedures.

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