Collective Bargaining

Jacksonville Labor Law FirmTom Harper has worked with many companies negotiating collective bargaining agreements for their employees. Whether its a first time contract or a renewal of an agreement after a relationship with a union for many years, we have the experience to guide you through this process to obtain results that translate directly to your bottom line. And we can guide you while preserving harmonious relationships with your employees. We have the experience and have drafted language dealing with topics such as the following:

Management Rights
Dues Check-off
Union Security
Work Rules
Arbitration Procedures
Grievance and Arbitration
Hours of Work
Call-in and Show-up Time
Temporary Assignments
Leave of Absence
Military Leave
Strikes and Slowdowns
Duration of Agreement
Favored Nations Clause
Funeral Pay
Special Protective Equipment
Wage Schedules
Premium Time
Insurance Benefits and Pension
Bulletin Boards
Reductions in Work
Discipline and Discharge