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Harper Gerlach, a Florida Labor Relations and Employment Law firm with offices in Jacksonville representing employers in all workplace and employee matters. As Managing Editor of the Florida Employment Law Letter (monthly since 1989), our attorneys educate employers, lawyers and human resource professionals throughout Florida on cutting edge changes and developments in United States and Florida labor and employment laws. With this knowledge and our many years of experience, we can better serve our clients who hire us to achieve excellent results at the least possible cost.


While Harper Gerlach, PL has concluded operations, Tom Harper and Gregg Gerlach continue their respective labor relations and employment law practices. This website will remain accessible temporarily as a courtesy to the Firm’s clients, business relations, friends and legal community.

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Gerlach Employment Law

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We add value to our client’s business. We do this by making an early decision on every legal matter to weigh the issues involved, estimate the cost and help you determine if your business is better off fighting for the issue or resolving it as efficiently and quickly as possible. If your decision is “fight,” we are the strong and committed advocate you want and need on your side!

When it is consultation on your business that you need, our goal is to work ourselves out of a job by looking for ways for you to avoid legal problems in your business, and by helping you implement those changes. We view ourselves as your “partners” in making your business more successful. We also add value by pricing our legal services below market rates for our skills and abilities. Our affiliated labor and employment lawyers cover the entire state of Florida and can handle any employment law matter in Florida, usually without a charge for travel time.



We work closely with Human Resource professionals and General Counsel to develop personnel policies that PREVENT employee disputes. We also listen to the problem on your desk today, and plan, with you, the best solution to PROTECT your interests. When the lawsuit or union campaign or demand for arbitration arrives at your doorstep, or when it becomes necessary to take the fight to your opponent, we zealously Defend or PROSECUTE the action for the best possible outcome.

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