Harper Gerlach works with employers providing practical and legal labor relations advice on issues that arise under the National Labor Relations Act and other workplace laws. We have guided companies to successfully deal with Union organizing drives and election campaigns, concerted activity situations, NLRB representation hearings, NLRB unfair labor practice charges and hearings, 10(j) injunctions, and suits brought under §301 of the National Labor Relations Act. We help our clients cultivate positive employee relations, to minimize their risk of union organizing. We teach your mangers and supervisors to be an effective advocate for their employees so that unions become unnecessary.

For 31 years, Tom Harper has been involved in hundreds of union organizing campaigns across the country. We know that when union organizing talk begins, or a union representation petition arrives from the NLRB, you need a quick response with on-site help to navigate you through your rights as an employer. We are available to meet quickly with your management team so that you will know your rights and can aggressively make known your desire to remain non-union.

Our experience with unions and union organizing drives allows us to quickly evaluate your company’s vulnerability to union organizing. We can train your managers, supervisors and Human Resource Department on how to avoid Unionization. If union organizers institute litigation, we will aggressively represent your interests.

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