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Our Skills

Our firm believes that it is important for each lawyer to spend time mastering and maintaining the skills each lawyer needs to represent our clients effectively. By doing this we know that, in the long run, we will be more effective and successful for those we represent.

Tom Harper is Board Certified by the Florida Bar in Labor and Employment law. The lawyers of Harper Gerlach have over 50 years combined experience in labor relations and employment law. Our lawyers regularly participate in Continuing Legal Education courses (‘CLE”) sponsored by The Florida Bar and other bar associations. These CLE courses include courses to stay current in recent developments in labor relations and employment law.

Lawyers with Harper Gerlach edit the Florida Employment Law Letter each month. The Florida Employment Law Letter is a monthly newsletter of labor relations and employment law developments in Florida. The Florida Employment Law Letter is subscribed to by approximately 1700 human resource officials, company owners, lawyers and in-house counsel with Florida companies. Editing the Florida Employment Law Letter requires our lawyers to read the new employment law decisions in Florida each month to stay current and to decide when court decisions and new laws are noteworthy for the readers of the Florida Employment Law Letter.

Gregg Gerlach and Tom Harper are students of Posner and Dodd’s treatise on cross examination of witnesses at trial. Lawyers in Harper Gerlach also participate in several groups and associations with other lawyers including other labor and employment lawyers.

We also encourage every professional in our firm to develop and maintain a personal growth program that exposes them to ideas and helps them to develop in all areas of life. We believe that our lawyers should maintain well-balanced lives by participating in activities, hobbies and other interests outside of the practice of law to keep a healthy balance in their lives and families.